New Season Ind. Corp. -- Manufacturer of N.I.J. Certified  police gear

As the original handcuff manufacturer in Asia since 1970, we make the most NIJ certified handcuff models in Asia. Our NIJ handcuffs are officially tested and approved by the USA National Institute of Justice (NIJ).  

For over 50 years, New Season has been the OEM/ODM for name-brand police products, and has supplied to police officers in Europe and America.

NIJ 0307.01
Certified Handcuffs

Available NIJ-Certified Styles

Chain Linked  Handcuffs
Double Hinged Handcuffs
Triple Hinged Handcuffs
High-Security Handcuffs (patented)

Available Material:
Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel

Available Colors:
Silver , Black , or Matt 

Complete Selection of Restraints

From Heavy Duty Restraints for High-Risk Inmates to Light-weight Cuffs for Security Guards, we have the model for different situations.

Special-design restraints:
Anti-pick and anti-shim features for higher security.

Available Styles:
Handcuffs , Leg irons , Thumbcuffs , Transport cuffs (handcuffs+legcuffs) ,
Belly chain.

Available Colors:
Silver , Black, Pink or Blue

Handcuff Keys &
Tactical Key Ring Holder

Sturdy and durable handcuff keys

Designed to fit most American and European handcuffs. 

Ideal for police officers wearing winter gloves.

Available Material:
Black steel, Aluminum or Carbon fiber

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